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  • Where is Vols 4 Paws located? Can I stop by and visit?
    Vols 4 Paws is based out of Knoxville, TN. We are a foster-based rescue, meaning we do not have a shelter. All of our dogs are carefully placed in a loving foster home that is best suited to caring for the dog until an adopter comes along. This is why we require an approved application before scheduling a meet and greet.
  • What kind of animals does Vols 4 Paws adopt out?
    Most of our adoptions are dogs. Although we occasionally take in cats, kittens, or exotic animals.
  • How do I apply to adopt a V4P dog?
    Going to "Applications>Adoption App" at the top of our website. Simply fill out that form and submit it. We will reach out to you as soon as we have reviewed your app.
  • What are the adoption fees?
    Since we are a small, donation-based rescue, our fees vary. Older, mixed breeds tend to have the lowest fees, since we know they are not commonly sought out. Even though the older dogs are typically the ones we spent the most vetting money on, we keep their fees low in order to get them in a furever home ASAP. Because of this, we tend to charge more for highly desirable puppies and purebreds. While a 5 year old pit mix's fee might be only $75, an 8 week old poodle mix puppy might be $250. This allows us to continue helping dogs from all walks of life. (Keep in mind, all our dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption). Typically our puppy adoption fees range from $150-$400. Adult dogs fees depend on a variety of factors. All of our animals on Petfinder have their adoption fees listed on their profile.
  • How can I help?
    We always need fosters! We need a variety of fosters. Sometimes we just need overnight fosters and sometimes we need long term fosters. Regardless, we always supply everything needed for the animal you're fostering. There is no cost to you, except providing a loving home. To apply as a foster home go to "Applications> Foster App/Contract" on this website. Then join our Facebook page. We post on FB when we need a foster for a specific dog. Can't foster but still want to help? That's no problem! We ALWAYS need help with driving dogs to and from vet appts, fosters, and trial adoptions. We also need help with home visits and finalizing adoptions. All are relativly simple tasks, they just require time and driving. Reach out to if you would like to be kept in the loop about random tasks we need help getting done! Can't foster or transport? Consider donating to our organization. We accept Paypal (, Venmo (slo4ne), and can likely accomidate any other payment services. Email if you'd like to donate another way. We also keep an up to date Amazon wishlist of supplies we always need. You can find the link for our wishlist under "How can YOU help". WE CAN PROVIDE SERVICE HOURS FOR ALL FORMS OF VOLUNTEERING!
  • I have an animal I can no longer care for, can you take them into Vols 4 Paws and find them a home?"
    This entirely depends on the timing and the fosters/resources we have available. Before you decide to give up your pet entirely, please look into the community resources that are available through Young Williams for FREE If affording your pet is the issue, there is a pet food bank through YWAC. If basic behavioral issues are a problem, look into training classes. Affordable trainers can be found through YWAC Pet Resource Center. If you need to relinquish your dog due to aggression (example: biting a family member), there is a low chance we will be able to assist. While we wish we could help every dog in need, we can not put our wonderful fosters in a dangerous situation. The liability is just far too great. Please also keep in mind how many friendly, non-bite history dogs, are being euthanized in shelters. We want to save as many dogs as possible. So taking in an aggressive pitbull or other large breed is rarely an option for us. If you simply must relinquish your pet, you are welcome to email us ( If you include all the requested info, we will let you know if we can assist! *WE WILL NOT GO OUT OF OUR WAY TO ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ANIMAL IN THIS EMAIL PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: Age? PICTURES!! THE MORE THE BETTER! How long you have owned the animal? Where did you get him/her from originally? Breed? Sex? Spayed/neutered or still intact? Vetting up to date? Weight? Good with kids, other dogs, cats? Any aggression issues? If so, please describe in detail. Crate trained, potty trained, leash trained? Why are you rehoming? What type of home/lifestyle do you think your dog would be most suited for? Activitey level? How long is your pet accustomed to being left home alone (such as when you go to the store or out to run errands for a few hours)? Any other relevant or important info individual to your pet that we need to know.
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